BETRUS.COM is currently being maintained by Anthony Betrus. It is currently being used as a place to link to Betrus family members and web pages. Eventually I would like to create a geneology web site here, so any Betrus family information you have would be most appreciated. This includes you if your last name is Betrus, or you are married to a Betrus, any have any other relation to a Betrus. While I'm interested in the "New York" Betrus family, I'm also interested in the Betrus family from Michigan (if you are a "Michigan" Betrus and are currently reading this, please e-mail me, I'd like to see if we are related, or the same last name is just a coincidence). And anyone with information pre-20th century especially, let me know!

BETRUS E-Mail (included in a rough family tree)
1. Betrus Elhage & Josephine (five children: Joseph Nemour Betrus, Maroun, Mansaur (Frank), Debe, Edie)
2. Joseph Nemour Betrus (aka Nimr Butrus el Hajj -or- Nemor Elhage Betrus -or- Joseph Elhage Betrus; born 1876, died 1934) Baatouta, Lebanon-->Carthage, NY) & Bertha (Imee) Joseph (born 1891, died 1969). 9 Children: Ferris (1910); Josephine (1912); Peter (1915); Thomas (1917); Simon (1918); Betty (1921); Debe (1923); Michael (1924); Joseph (1934)

3.Ferris Nemour J. Betrus Sr. (Son of Joseph Nemour Betrus, born 1910) & Bertha (Imee)
4.Joseph N. Betrus (Son of Ferris Betrus) [deceased] 5.Joseph Betrus  

4.Anthony N. Betrus (Son of Ferris Betrus) - &
Joan M. Betrus

5.Eric S. Betrus  
  5.Marc A. Betrus  
  5.Lauren M. Betrus -  
4.Louis Betrus (Son of Ferris Betrus) 5.Lisa Betrus  
4.Ferris Betrus Jr. (Son of Ferris Betrus) 5.Debbie Betrus
Erin Betrus
4.Michael Betrus (Son of Ferris Betrus) - 5.Katherine Betrus
5.Thomas Betrus

3.Peter Nemour Betrus (Son of Joseph Nemour Betrus; born 1915) - & Margaret Ellen Kelsey (born 1914, deceased)
4.Peter Kelsey Betrus (deceased)    
4.Patricia Betrus (Daughter of Peter N. Betrus)-
5.Jenny & Stephan Macaire -
6.Sebastian Macaire -
6.Alex Macaire -,
6.Julia Macaire
  5.Julie & Lee Perrini - Nicholas Perrini
4.Tom (Son of Peter N. Betrus)    
& Mary Betrus 5.William & Elaine Betrus
6.William Jacob Betrus
6.Ariel Theresa Betrus
6.Matthew Joseph Betrus
6.Elise Renee Betrus

5.Steven Thomas Betrus &
Colleen Mary Brogowski-Betrus

6.Peter Brooks Betrus
6.Alexandra Mary Betrus
5.James & Colleen Betrus 6.Briana Betrus
6.Emily Betrus
6.Grace Betrus
5.David Betrus -  
& Toni Betrus - 5.Jeremiah Betrus
5.Justin Betrus
4.Robert Betrus (Son of Peter N. Betrus) - &
Jane Betrus -
5.Peter K Betrus -
5.Rachel Betrus -
4.Jon Betrus (Son of Peter N. Betrus) - &
Sue Betrus - ;
5.Jeremy Betrus -
6.Hunter Tran Betrus
6.William Patrick Betrus
4.William Jeffrey Betrus (Son of Peter N. Betrus) -
& Barb Betrus -
5.Tony Betrus - & 5.Kristie Betrus -
6.Jonathan William Betrus
6.Katherine Landry Betrus
6.Lindy Jean Betrus
  5.Ryan Betrus - &
Sarah Betrus -
6.Abigail Elizabeth Betrus
  5.Jon Betrus -
Colleen Betrus -
6.Jacob Gunn Betrus
4.Alan Betrus - (Son of Peter N. Betrus) &
Chris Betrus -
5.Robert.& Beth Betrus
  5.Megan Betrus  


3.Betty Nemor Betrus (Daughter of Joseph Nemour Betrus; born. 1921) & Adolph Czoper (born 1914, deceased)    
4.Mary Ann Czoper & Robert John Fitzsimmons 5.Kara Anne Fitzsimmons - & Michael Fayne  
4. John Czoper    

3. Joseph Nemor Betrus (Son of Joseph Nemour Betrus) Born. 1934
4.David Betrus    
4.Leslie Betrus    
4.Jeffrey Betrus    
4.Elayne Caizza    

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